December 11, 2020

Danny Care: Player protection must be the first priority — what is happening is scary

Quins use special gum shields that are fitted with a microchip that monitors collisions to the head and those that may impact the head

Danny Care has urged professional rugby to do all it can to fight the game’s concussion crisis including embracing less contact-based training and increasing the monitoring of collisions.

“If there is anyway, we can make the game safer – I am all in. I see first-hand the size of the collisions these boys are putting themselves through, especially the forwards, scrummaging and running into brick wall after brick wall. If there is any way we can help limit contacts to the head or pressure in the head, then I am all in.”

Care points to technology as a means of safeguarding players. “That is where the guys who have been working with us with the gum shields will say ‘Danny, do you realise you got hit two or three times in training, which is a fairly decent hit.’” “They can use that data to see how many collisions you have taken in one week, you would hope they would say you need a rest or you are non-contact for a week or for a couple of days to limit the amount of hits you take. I am all for the new technology and the fact you can wear it in a little gum shield which collects all this data, as a player I feel it is our right to be doing it, if this can help people in our profession and the future generations of rugby players, then we are more than willing to do it.”

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