November 3, 2021

Forbes: Tracking Rugby League’s Concussion Problem, One Hit At A Time

Concussion in sports is a problem that isn’t going to go away.

It’s not just a player welfare issue, though of course, it is a massive one, but also a financial issue, as class action suits are brought by ex-players against leagues and governing bodies.

For a sport like rugby league, which likes to play on toughness and speed—we’ve all heard, and likely used, the ‘collision sport not contact sport’ line—concussion is a ticking time bomb.

One company that is seeking to assist with tracking concussions is Sports & Wellbeing Analytics (SWA), who have designed a mouth guard, PROTECHT, that players can wear to monitor how many heavy impacts they are involved with, and thus better control exposure to concussion and concussion symptoms.

Chris Turner, CEO of SWA, said that PROTECHT was able to instantly track collisions and then immediately have that data available to medical staff.

“It does this by tracking each impact a player takes during training or a game by measuring the resulting acceleration of that impact to the players head in real time,” he explained.

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