March 11, 2021

Harlequins TV

Harlequins TV have been discussing the PROTECHT system in a couple of recent interviews.

With a lot of talk recently on players health after rugby, Will Evans (back row) is seen praising Harlequins medical staff. “I think they’re, from my perspective, probably at the forefront of where we are in the premiership”

“We are obviously wearing these gum shields and making sure that they are looking after us during training, seeing how many G’s we go through during training, during a game”

“You know a lot of the work is being done into these numbers to see what the effects are going to be”

Harlequins Head of Medical Services, Mike Lancaster, is seen giving an insight to behind the scenes on a match day. He discusses the use of the PROTECHT mouthguards and the work undertaken to track concussion and head collisions on the field.

“Linked to the Hawk Eye system, this is PROTECHT, which are the gum shields which basically measure the force of the impacts the players take”

“So again, it’s live time, so if we record an extremely high, outside of their normal variants, we may then link it up to the Hawk Eye system, have a look at what that collision looked like and then actually get on the field and speak to the player”


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