V2 Mouthguard and Mobile Application FAQs

Are there any requirements prior to starting a session?

Prior to your session commencing it is important that you check the mouthguard emits a green flash when hit. It is also required that you scan for your mouthguard using your mobile device and check it has been picked up before beginning your session.

How long after session should I download my impacts?

It is best practice that impacts are downloaded straight after a session.

How long does my mouthguard take to charge?

The mouthguard should be charged for 4 hours and will last in power mode for 4
hours. The mouthguard will go to sleep after 10 minutes of inactivity which holds
the mouthguards charge and allows the guard to be charged the night before a
session if required.

How to get my mouthguard out of sleep mode?

The mouthguard requires 2-3 hard taps to wake up. The mouthguard will appear
awake by a flashing green light on the inside of the guard by the left molars.

Should I make sure my mouthguard is awake just before the session?

Yes- Please ensure the inside of the guard is emitting a green flash when tapped
by yourself.

How do I charge my mouthguard?

The mouthguard is charged by aligning the charging coil (flat circular piece on
the right side of the mouthguard) to the flat circular coil of the charging case.
You need to ensure the charging case is being powered. This will be using the
mini usb cable and port if using a single charging case.

How do I know my mouthguard is charging?

Your mouthguard will emit a hard red light across the guard when on charge. The
charging case will also show a flashing green light.

How do I sign in to the mobile app?

Enter the organization name provided in the welcome email followed by
username (email address) and password that has been created through the
email link.

What is my organization name?

Your organization name will be provided in the welcome email you receive.

What do I do if I forget my password?

After initial log in, your device will remember your password. However if for some
reason this gets forgotten then contact SWA via swasystems@swa.one

What if my mouthguard does not appear when trying to connect to my

Please ensure Bluetooth is on, the mouthguard is close to your device and the
mouthguard emits a green light when tapped (note that the mouthguard needs
to have battery life in order for this to work)

What should I call my session names when downloading the impacts?

The sessions should be named in a way that is easily distinguishable to both the
staff member processing and analysing this data and yourself. It is important you
include the session time and type of activity that the session focused on e.g.
Tuesday 09:15 Rugby (Units session).

Where does my data go once downloaded?

Once the data has successfully been downloaded from the mouthguard the data
will be automatically sent to the cloud where a designated staff member can
process and analyse the data. The data will also be stored on your mobile device
through a password-protected file.

What happens if the data fails to automatically upload to the cloud?

If for some reason the automatic upload to the cloud fails then please email this
file by navigating to the saved sessions tab on your mobile app, clicking on the
required session, and then selecting share via email. The file will be linked to the
email swasystems@swa.one The data will then be processed in the same way.
Please note the file will always be password protected.