Trusted by professionals the world over

The most progressive, innovative and relevant mouthguard brand in the world. Wearable technology that monitors head impacts and supports performance, the ultimate combination of innovation and safety. The OPRO+ brings together the worlds best mouth guards with cutting edge technology  that translates real time data into usable and actionable information. 

Trusted by the professionals

The next generation of mouthguards

OPRO and SWA have collaborated on two of their fundamental values, namely Innovation and Protection to develop the next generation of mouth guards.

Recognising the fast pace of technology in sport, this relationship brings together the world’s most experienced and successful manufacturer of mouth guards, OPRO with SWA. This ensures that the PROTECHT system sits within the world’s leading brand and draws on the vast experience of the OPRO team.

OPRO, who have been involved with the sport of Rugby for 21 years and are the official mouth guard partner of England Rugby, New Zealand Rugby, Australia Rugby and 11 of the 12 Gallagher Premiership teams, will continue negotiations with their current partners to make OPRO+ available to as many elite players as possible. The end goal being that OPRO+ will be available to the consumer, as well as the elite teams.

We recognise the fast pace of technology of sport, and have fitted the world’s most protective mouth guards with game-changing electronics which will capture accurate raw data, in real-time about the player’s head impact and transmit this instantly to the coaches, trainers and medical professionals.