The intelligent mouthguard surveillance system

The Benefits of PROTECHT to Team and Governing Body Executives

The PROTECHT System’s fundamental aim is to help make the game safer

Benefits to Team and Governing Body Executives

  • Exhibit true athlete Welfare Implementation of PROTECHT helps demonstrate the duty of care to your athletes. It clearly shows that the prioritisation of athlete wellbeing and in particular head injury prevention and care is at the top of that list.
  • Future proofing your squad PROTECHT system can help provide a player passport that helps manage pathway athletes and better manage the transition highest levels of competition, ensuring they don’t break down and acclimatize to these higher level demands more safely.
  • Improving the “product” Improving athlete readiness and availability will ultimately improve the “product” that is offered to the paying public who always want to see their best team on the pitch or athlete in a contest. The higher the availability, the higher the opportunity to sell tickets and ensure access to lucrative broadcasts and sponsorship.
  • Objective accurate injury surveillance PROTECHT provides an immediate implementation of an injury surveillance system. The system allows all data sources to be brought together in the same system for club/country/federation wide analysis
  • Looking wider than the team At the Governing Body, Federation or League level, PROTECHT can allow views, for example, across teams using the system to be viewed in a single dashboard. This is particularly helpful when looking at for example, league wide trends or when building national teams from athletes who would not normally play together.
  • Objectively assess changes and trials The PROTECHT system can provide objective data on the effects of rule and law changes or the consequences of introducing new equipment.

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