Intelligent Mouthguard Surveillance System from PROTECHT The intelligent mouthguard surveillance system from protecht The intelligent mouthguard surveillance system from protecht Impact Protection Transmission Real-time-media action Actively monitor impacts to a players head during contact sports

Actively monitor impacts to a players head during contact sports

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Allows the ability to monitor individual impacts and consider these against the total ‘collision load’ on a player through a match, a training week, a period block or entire season.


SWA have partnered with organisations with global reputations such as SAP, ORPO, Swansea University, Keytree and Philtronics to develop the PROTECHT system


Our bespoke mouthguards offer the ultimate in protection with over 20 years’ experience in producing the highest quality mouthguards. OPRO+ mouthguards also contain Biomaster antimicrobial product protection.

The Technology

How PROTECHT works

Research shows that nearly 50% of concussions go unnoticed as only 5% of concussions result in unconsciousness. The need for an objective surveillance system that monitors head impact is critical to rugby players health and wellbeing.



Athlete receives impact from an in play collision which might affect the athlete's health and wellbeing.


OPRO+ bespoke Custom Mouthguard protects the athlete's teeth from the initial contact and is individually shaped to provide the ultimate fit and retention.
Real Time Data


Real time data on head impacts is captured by the mouthguard and passed instantly to the sidelines.
Real-time Data

Real-time data capture

Edge device records the impacts to each player's head sent in real time from each mouthguard and displays this visually.


Coach/trainer/medical professional can identify the forces that the player has received.