The intelligent mouthguard surveillance system

The Benefits of the PROTECHT System

The PROTECHT System’s fundamental aim is to help make the game safer

Welfare through performance

  • The PROTECHT system provides an additional objective layer of information to support rugby management’s decisions regarding player well being
  • The PROTECHT system provides objective surveillance on all impacts, seen and unseen, in training and in match environments
  • The PROTECHT system can report on player head impact loading over an instance, a week, a season or a career
Performance through Player Welfare

We understand that essentially your business is winning

Performance through Player Welfare

  • The PROTECHT system aims to support team performance by providing an additional data source to coaches
  • PROTECHT system provides objective data on head impacts from which training can be tailored to best prepare for competition
  • The PROTECHT system can help inform coaches of unintended impacts related to training drills
  • The PROTECHT system can support physical, tactical and technical adaptations to improve performance by providing objective data on impacts
  • The PROTECHT system provides analytics that have been developed to give coaches the best possible perspective