The intelligent mouthguard surveillance system

The PROTECHT solution

State of the art sensor technology have been embedded in an OPRO+ mouthguard to deliver advanced insight, in play through our most advanced mouthguard yet.

The PROTECHT solution




Real-time DataReal-time Data


Objective surveillance is increasingly recognised as an important variable in the pursuit of high performance with tools like GPS becoming common place. There is reported to be a positive relationship between both greater training volumes resulting in greater performance and higher training intensity resulting in greater performance. However, the highest incidence of injury and/or illness occurs often when training loads are at their highest. 

Teams have many ways to monitor physical loadings and intensity be that through GPS systems for metres/speed and positioning or through observation. 

The majority of injuries take place in training and of those the majority in contact drills. Injury rates have increased for the last seven years in a row (English Premiership 2018) understanding how training or games change the head impact loadings on a player is increasingly important.

Measuring and recording impacts reliably to get the load that a player is experiencing has not historically been possible.

PROTECHT TM has been developed to fill that gap. Using an intelligent custom fitted mouthguard to relay all impacts to a players head either directly or as a consequence of another movement whilst wearing the mouthguard to purposely designed software as they happen, the system can show both the specific and cumulative head loading.

Performance through Player Welfare

The Sports Scientist within the system

The system is working to help make the game safer


  • System Validated in Crash Test Dummy hi-G laboratory
  • System Validated by Vicon motion capture biomechanics laboratory
  • Structural Integrity testing
  • Radio and EMC Emissions testing
  • Parylene Coating
  • Internal battery compliance and CE certified